Welcome to the EANET entrepreneur platform user guide. 

User Account Management

Login and Register

Your EANET user account is your gateway to using the alumni platform. In order to login to your account (as many accounts have already been created) you need to click on the drawer icon in the top right of the page and choose Login. If you want to register a new account, choose Register.


User Information

After logging in, a user can modify the information of their user profile, in order to update or change such things as their name, contact information and others. To access your user profile, click on the image icon in the top right of the page (alternatively, the user profile is also accessible via the drawer icon). 


Upon accessing the your user profile, you can edit the information by clicking on the pencil icon in the top left corner of the information fields. This will allow you to add a profile photo, change your name, company information, interests, e-mail address, etc. 

From within the user profile page any user can also send messages to other registered users, by typing the message in the message box in the column on the right hand side of the page. The message cam be addressed to a single users, a group of users, followers, etc. 

Below the profile picture you can find the various tabs regarding your account. 

  • Profile: this tab is the default tab and allows you to view or change profile infomration, as described above
  • Preferences: change your preferences regarding editing and available information about your profile
  • Watchlist: choose a list of pages and get notified of when they are modified
  • Network: view the activity of watched users
  • Wikis: view the wikis that you have joined. By default, the only wiki you have joined is the Alumni platform
  • My Dashboard: a customizable page that can be changed by each user. It allows the use of various applications within the platform to get customized access.


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